Jadwal Lengkap Fase Grup Liga Champion 2011-2012


1. FC Bayern Muenchen

2. Manchester City FC

3. Napoli

4. Villarreal

14 September

Manchester City VS Napoli

Villarreal VS Bayern Muenchen

27 September

Bayern Munich VS Manchester City

Napoli VS Villarreal

18 Oktober

Napoli VS Bayern Muenchen

Manchester City VS Villarreal

2 November

Bayern Muenchen VS Napoli

Villarreal VS Manchester City

22 November

Napoli VS Manchester City

Bayern Muenchen VS Villarreal

7 Desember

Manchester City VS Bayern Muenchen

Villarreal VS Napoli


1. Trabzonspor

2. LOSC Lille Metropole

3. CSKA Moskwa

4. Inter Milan

14 September

Lille VS PFC CSKA Moskwa

Inter Milan VS Trabzonspor AS

27 September

Trabzonspor AS VS Lille

CSKA Moskwa VS Inter Milan

18 Oktober

CSKA Moskwa VS Trabzonspor

Lille VS Inter Milan

2 November

Trabzonspor VS CSKA Moskwa

Inter Milan VS Lille

22 November

CSKA Moskwa VS Lille

Trabzonspor AS VS Inter Milan

7 Desember

Lille VS Trabzonspor AS

Inter Milan VS CSKA Moskwa


1. Manchester United

2. FC Basel 1893

3. FC Otelul Galati

4. Benfica

14 September

FC Basel 1893 VS Otelul Galati

Benfica VS Manchester United

27 September

Manchester United FC VS Basel

Otelul Galati VS Benfica

18 Oktober

Otelul Galati VS Manchester United

Basel VS Benfica

2 November

Manchester United VS Otelul Galati

Benfica VS Basel

22 November

Otelul Galati VS Basel

Manchester United VS Benfica

7 Desember

Basel VS Manchester United

Benfica VS Otelul Galati


1. Olympique Lyonnais

2. Dinamo Zagreb

3. Real Madrid

4. Ajax Amsterdam

14 September

Dinamo Zagreb VS Real Madrid

Ajax VS Olympique Lyonnais

27 September

Olympique Lyonnais VS Dinamo Zagreb

Real Madrid VS Ajax

18 Oktober

Real Madrid VS Olympique Lyonnais

Dinamo Zagreb VS Ajax

2 November

Olympique Lyonnais VS Real Madrid

Ajax VS Dinamo Zagreb

22 November

Real Madrid VS Dinamo Zagreb

Olympique Lyonnais VS Ajax

7 Desember

Dinamo Zagreb VS Olympique Lyonnais

Ajax VS Real Madrid


1. Valencia

2. Chelsea

3. Bayer 04 Leverkusen

4. KRC Genk

13 September

Chelsea VS Bayer Leverkusen

Genk VS Valencia

28 September

Valencia VS Chelsea

Bayer Leverkusen VS Genk

19 Oktober

Bayer Leverkusen VS Valencia

Chelsea FC VS Genk

1 November

Valencia VS Bayer Leverkusen

Genk VS Chelsea

23 November

Bayer Leverkusen VS Chelsea

Valencia VS Genk

6 Desember

Chelsea VS Valencia

Genk VS Bayer Leverkusen


1. Arsenal

2. Olympiacos

3. Olympique de Marseille

4. Borussia Dortmund

13 September

Olympiacos VS Marseille

Borussia Dortmund VS Arsenal

28 September

Arsenal VS Olympiacos

Marseille VS Borussia Dortmund

19 Oktober

Marseille VS Arsenal

Olympiacos VS Borussia Dortmund

1 November

Arsenal VS Marseille

Borussia Dortmund VS Olympiacos

23 November

Marseille VS Olympiacos

Arsenal VS Borussia Dortmund

6 Desember

Olympiacos VS Arsenal

Borussia Dortmund VS Marseille


1. FC Zenit St Petersburg

2. FC Porto

3. FC Shakhtar Donetsk


13 September

Porto VS Shakhtar Donetsk

APOEL FC VS Zenit St Petersburg

28 September

Zenit St Petersburg VS Porto Shakhtar


19 Oktober

Shakhtar Donetsk VS Zenit St Petersburg


1 November

Zenit St Petersburg VS Shakhtar Donetsk


23 November

FC Shakhtar Donetsk VS Porto

Zenit St Petersburg VS APOEL FC

6 Desember

Porto VS Zenit St Petersburg

APOEL FC VS Shakhtar Donetsk


1. FC BATE Borisov

2. Barcelona

3. AC Milan

4. Viktoria Plzen

13 September

Barcelona VS AC Milan

Viktoria Plzen VS BATE Borisov

28 September

BATE Borisov VS Barcelona

AC Milan VS Viktoria Plzen

19 Oktober

AC Milan VS BATE Borisov

Barcelona VS Viktoria Plzen

1 November

BATE Borisov VS AC Milan

Viktoria Plzen VS Barcelona

23 November

AC Milan VS Barcelona

BATE Borisov VS Viktoria Plzen

6 Desember

Barcelona VS BATE Borisov

Viktoria Plzen VS AC Milan


Grup A: Bayern Muenchen, Villarreal, Man City, Napoli.

Grup B: Inter Milan, CSKA Moskva, Lille, Trabzonspor.

Grup C: Man United, Benfica, Basel, Otelul Galati.

Grup D: Real Madrid, Lyon, Ajax, Dinamo Zagreb.

Grup E: Chelsea, Valencia, Leverkusen, KRC Genk.

Grup F: Arsenal, Marseille, Olympiakos, Dortmund.

Grup G: FC Porto, Shakhtar Donetsk, Zenit St Petersburg, APOEL Nicosia.

Grup H: Barcelona, AC Milan, BATE Borisov, Viktoria Plzen.


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